Module 2: Amphibians at Risk

SAR_mod2_amphibians-cover_web.jpgNo group of animals has a higher rate of endangerment than amphibians. Scientists estimate that a third or more of the roughly 6,300 known species of amphibians in the world are at risk of extinction.


In BC, there are 13 species of frogs and toads (including two invasive species) and nine species of salamanders. Almost half of our local amphibian species are assessed as being of conservation concern.


Module Two: BC’s Amphibians at Risk, introduces students to amphibians in BC and the challenges they face. Students will develop appropriate field investigative questions. In a field study of a local wetland, they will collect information about the basic biology of the species and/or the current and historical human interactions with ecosystems. They will produce a case narrative about amphibians based on the information they have gathered, to share with students in their school and other community members.


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