Species At Risk

From grizzly bears to mountain caribou, rubber boa and northern spotted owls,  species at risk in BC are diverse. Teachers and students can focus on individual species or groups of mammals, reptiles, amphibians or birds. Meet some of these unique species in this photo gallery. 

Spirit bear
© Isabelle Groc
Northern red legged frog
© Isabelle Groc
Phantom orchid
© Mike Pearson
Snowshoe hare
© Sheila & John Linn
Northern spotted owl
© Jared Hobbs
Sea otter
© Isabelle Groc
American badger
© Isabelle Groc
Barn owl
© Isabelle Groc
Barn swallow
© Derek Matthews
Salish sucker
© Mike Pearson
Nooksack dace
© Mike Pearson
Rubber boa
© Isabelle Groc
© Isabelle Groc
Western painted turtle
© Isabelle Groc
Oregon spotted frog
© Isabelle Groc
Mountain caribou
© Isabelle Groc
Southern resident orca
© Isabelle Groc
Steller's sea lion
© Isabelle Groc
Vancouver Island marmot
© Jeff Werner
Barn swallows
© Isabelle Groc
Burrowing owl
© Isabelle Groc
Great blue heron
© Isabelle Groc
Grizzly bear
© Isabelle Groc
Humpback whale
© Isabelle Groc
Western toad
© Isabelle Groc
Monarch butterfly
© Isabelle Groc

Student Artwork

There are many ways teachers can use visuals in the classroom.  Art teachers in schools have worked with students to create artwork that reveals the beauty and uniqueness of our species and raises awareness about the threats they are facing. Browse through examples of past art projects schools such as the ones Lord Byng Secondary, South Kamloops Secondary and Ecole Rose-des-Vents have completed.

One flame (flammulated owl)
Taylor, South Kamloops Secondary (Grade 9)

Grenouille leopard (leopard frog)
Reese, Ecole Rose-des-Vents, Vancouver

Blaire au americain (American badger)
Jeremy, Ecole Rose-des-Vents, Vancouver

Just think (barn owl)
South Kamloops Secondary student (Grade 9-10)

Dangerous (rattlesnake)
Kelton, South Kamloops Secondary (Grade 9-10)

If I could talk (great blue heron)
South Kamloops Secondary student (Grade 9-10)

No place to live (spotted owl)
Harry, South Kamloops Secondary (Grade 10)

Their lives are in our hands (Canada warbler)
Megan, South Kamloops Secondary (Grade 9)

Spirit bear facing extinction
Heather, South Kamloops Secondary (Grade 9)

Sticker book (mountain caribou)
Katie, South Kamloops Secondary (Grade 9)

The glow of extinction (gray wolf)
Nicola, South Kamloops Secondary (Grade 10)

Endangered swift fox
South Kamloops Secondary student (Grade 9-10)

The Canada warbler
Amy, South Kamloops Secondary (Grade 10)

I am a killer whale
South Kamloops Secondary student (Grade 9-10)

Sarah, South Kamloops Secondary (Grade 9-10)

Almost gone
Monika, South Kamloops Secondary (Grade 9-10)

The amazing american avocet
South Kamloops Secondary student (Grade 9-10)

Rare beauty (western painted turtle)
Savannah, South Kamloops Secondary (Grade 9-10)

The rockin blue tail (Blue tailed skink)
Emily, South Kamloops Secondary (Grade 10)

Colours of pollution
Danya, South Kamloops Secondary (Grade 9-10)

Chloe, Lord Byng Secondary, Vancouver (Grade 10)

Skink (blue-tailed skink)
Irene, Lord Byng Secondary, Vancouver (Grade 10)

Monarch butterfly
Jaime, Lord Byng Secondary (Grade 10)

Spotted owl
Jenny, Lord Byng Secondary (Grade 10)

Monarch butterfly
Alice Yu, Lord Byng Secondary, Vancouver

Monarch butterflies
Winnie Qiu and Kathy Bi, Lord Byng Secondary, Vancouver (Grade 10)

Mountain caribou
Sasha, Lord Byng Secondary, Vancouver (Grade 10)

Western Painted Turtle
Amy, Vivian, Lena & Nancy; Lord Byng Secondary; Vancouver (Grade 10)

Chouette tachetee (spotted owl)
Saphire, Ecole Rose-des-Vents, Vancouver

Pic-a-tete blanche (white-headed woodpecker)
Sahara, Ecole Rose-des-Vents, Vancouver

Serpent sharpe tail (Sharp-tailed snake)
Guillaume, Ecole Rose-des-Vents, Vancouver

Marmotte de l'Ile de Vancouver (Vancouver Island Marmot)
Samantha, Ecole Rose-des-Vents, Vancouver

Orque (Orca)
Sarah, Ecole Rose-des-Vents, Vancouver

Serpent du desert (rattlesnake?)
Joshua, Ecole Rose-des-Vents, Vancouver